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Carnival is one of the biggest cultural events taking place annually on the small Caribbean island of Trinidad. Accordingly it is no surprise that citizens are against taking funds away from the celebration in order to pay the huge 10 million dollars in production costs necessary for Beyonce to perform there this February.

According to Theybf, Trinidadians are in an uproar at the fact that the government is reducing funding for the Carnival celebration taking place this February in order to afford Beyonce’s sky high production costs, which they argue are actually in upwards of 30 million dollars. Ybf quotes Trini promoters as saying:

’We want to discuss with TSTT the position they have taken to present Beyonce in concert so soon after Carnival and their decision to cut back and even pull sponsorship of Carnival events. We understand they have also cancelled [sic] the B-Square concert series at Woodford Square for this year. TSTT has contributed greatly to Carnival over the years and this is a surprise move. We want to know what their commitment to Carnival is,’ Fernandes said.

Fernandes also said he believes that the production cost of $10 million for the concert as quoted in the media to be lower than what the actual cost for such an event should be. Fernandes explained that it costs that much to produce the Soca Monarch final, which he did since the competition’s inception. So that when one adds Beyonce’s contract rider (expenses and other requests) and the cost to prepare the venue for the concert one is looking at a final cost of possibly $30 million, he added.

’They will need to prepare the venue to accommodate the 25,000-plus audience, they need to break even and when you take into consideration what may be on Beyonce’s rider, that can be an additional three quarter million or more,’ he added.

’We have nothing against Beyonce. We are just saying that it is insensitive to bring her at this time. It will affect all Carnival stakeholders because you know it’s not just a case of people forgoing fetes and shows to buy tickets. What about those who depend on Carnival to earn income? No patrons at events or no events mean that all service providers are out of a dollar. And what about the artistes that all came out in defence [sic] of bmobile when Digicel came into Trinidad? As a corporation of which 51 per cent is Government-owned, TSTT needs to provide answers to the cultural fraternity,’ Fernandes said.

Whether or not the issue of the concert is actually up to debate with governing officials is unknown, but it seems like Trini’s want no part of the queen Bey if it means compromising their Carnival. And honestly, who would give up a week of partying, cultural celebration and festivities for a few hours of Beyonce. While we all love Bey, perhaps now is just not the time for her to bless the Trini stage.

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