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Jay-Z has become completely obsessed with the “The X-Factor” – the UK version of “American Idol” with 20 million viewers. So much so that he’s put the shout out to Simon Cowell, offering his expertise.

Jay said, “Simon, if you need any help for the next series, let me know man and I’m your judge. There is a lot of untapped hip-hop talent in the UK and if they want my help finding some for the final 12 I am sure I could assist.”

Jiggaman is also interested in fellow judge Cheryl Cole, member of female singing group “Girls Aloud” and the UK equivalent to…maybe Lady Gaga? But he only wants her for business purposes, saying “I keep a close eye on the music industry throughout the world and I know how hot Cheryl is in the UK.  The US market is the toughest one to break into, but once you do it is by far the most lucrative. I think Cheryl has that talent to do it. I would be very interested in helping her break the US market this year.  Bey has seen her perform and she told me how impressed she was. I checked her out and I was impressed as well.”

Do you think Jay has what it takes to make or break someone else’s career?

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