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Vanity Fair did something right! And no, we’re not talking about their Tiger Woods cover – that got a thumbs-down. They recently did a shoot with six actresses that they feel stand out from the rest of the Hollywood throng. They’ve shaped their careers in very different ways, parlaying famous last names, Disney hits, and paparazzi pressure into edgier, more grown-up material.

HB beauty Zoe Kravitz made the cut! See the rest of the ladies here!

The article reads:

“The arty little tattoos, the rings on every finger, the cool confidence packed into a size 0—Zoë Kravitz couldn’t have been conceived by anybody but rocker Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet. Raised in Los Angeles and then New York, Kravitz landed an agent right out of school (Rudolf Steiner), because, as she admits, ‘word was out that Lenny’s daughter wanted to act.’ Cut to small roles in ‘No Reservations’ and ‘The Brave One.’ ‘Now it’s on me,’ says Zoë, who fronts a rock band and stars in three upcoming films: ‘Yelling to the Sky,’ about a girl growing up in a tough New York neighborhood; a dark high-school film called ‘Beware the Gonzo’; and Joel Schumacher’s ‘Twelve,’ about fast-living Upper East Side rich kids. “We’re basically bumbling idiots. Rich, pathetic excuses for human beings,” she says. Having had a ringside seat to all that’s rock ’n’ roll, Kravitz couldn’t be more repelled by young people acting stupid. ‘I’m so close to my parents. I get it. They’d smack the hell out of me if I ever became a cokehead.'”

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