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Another year gone by, another year being single? More dating resolutions? Regardless of what’s in store for you and your future relationships — serious and casual — here are some love resolutions for the New Year. Before you get down in the dumps or dream without taking any action, keep the following dating advice in mind to find a man who’s worthy of your friendship or more.

Let love find you

“Don’t look for love — let love find you by immersing yourself in activities that you love,” says Patti Feinstein, America’s dating coach. “This makes you happy and approachable, you’ll meet new people, you’ll be out of the house and time will fly.” If you’re out there doing your thing, odds are you’ll find someone to love who will have plenty of things in common with you. “There’s nothing worse than going to singles events only to find other desperate singles who aren’t showing their appreciation for life, not to mention look like they’re looking,” Feinstein adds.

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Resolve to make friends

Whether you’re single or not, making friends is important. For daters, sometimes building onto your social circle means expanding ways to meet new people “Add to your social circle. Whether it’s expanding on how you meet single like-minded people, getting involved in a cause or simply opening yourself up to new experiences, it’s time to mix it up,” says Jill Vander, executive director of matchmaking at eLove. Consider joining a dating service and be clear on you’re looking for clear, whether that’s a new real relationship or just friendships.

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