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It’s a mystery, really. No matter how often and with how many Tiger Wood engages in sex, we can never actually view him as sexy. And that’s unfortunate…because he tries so hard. He really does. He was willing to risk his wife, and his children, and maybe even his health (STD’s are no joke, folks!), and definitely his billions (sponsors be gone!) – all for the sake of being named the Best Golfer Cheater of 2009, maybe of all time. And then he poses with his shirt off (above), and no one cares. And he looks like he’s about to cry, and still no one cares. Why? Because you effed up, Tiger. And no amount of weight-lifting will change that. You could mold your body into a Cablinasian Arnold Schwarzenegger, it still wouldn’t change your face. Or how dirty your junk now officially is. And SMH @ the headline: “Raw.” Really, Vanity Fair?

Damage Control! Tiger Goes To “Rehab”

Tiger Spends Holidays With Mistress #1

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