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HelloBeautiful is making it’s list and checking it twice because we always know who’s been naughty and who’s been nice – especially when it comes to celebrities. As the year comes to a close, we’ve looked back at 2009 to bring you who we think has been the naughtiest of all and most deserving of a stocking full of coal.

10. FRANKIE: Keyshia Cole’s mother, with her larger-than-life personality, made her debut on TV a few years ago, but it was in 2009 that she called not one, but two 20-something men her “boyfriend,” attacked Chilli from TLC without reason, and broke down on-air on the BET Awards red carpet.

9. FANTASIA: This year, her “naughty” outweighed her “nice.” Sure, her new reality show is set to air and we congratulate her on that, but what about stealing someone’s husband and tattooing his name on her chest? She tried to cover it up by claiming it was a rumor but pictures don’t lie.

8. SHAQ: First, it was said he was creeping with not one, but two wives/baby mama’s of other NBA players! Then, it was revealed that a stripper was living with him while his wife was away. Did he really think Shaunie, who he raises 6 kids with, would stick around? She filed for separation…AGAIN.

7. LIL’ MAMA/KANYE: No doubt, they made watching the MTV Music Awards bearable. But from Lil’ Mama jumping on Jay’s stage simply because she was “feeling it” to Kanye West snatching the mic out of winner Taylor Swift’s hand, even we felt the disrespect they showed their fellow artists was a little overboard.

6. NAS/TYRESE: “To have and to hold, through sickness and health!” But, where in the wedding vows does it mention child support? If it doesn’t now, the actions of these men are reason enough to add it. Nas tried to block Kelis’ request for a monthly $72,000, but failed. And Tyrese let his wife walk away empty-handed after their 10-month marriage, as well.

5. MATHEW KNOWLES: We always knew something wasn’t right about that man, despite his ability to conceive hit-making machines. But maybe that’s where he went wrong – he tried to create another superstar, but forgot to do it with his wife. The extramarital affair lead to a paternity test and unfortunately, a divorce filing.

4. ALICIA KEYS & SWIZZ BEATZ: These two have been flaunting their love all over the place and all that would be fine if…he wasn’t still married to Mashonda. He said: They’re separated. She said: (via Twitter and to Alicia) “You know what you did…” Alicia, however, is the only one who has yet to respond publicly. Feeling guilty?

3. TIGER WOODS: The usually super-private golfer had one bad overexposed week…and his world turned upside down. He tried to tell us that the reason for his 2am car crash was a “private matter,” but we knew there was more to the story. Thirteen alleged mistresses, several lost sponsors, and one divorce filing later, we know the truth.

2. LIL’ WAYNE: He fathered three kids by three different women (Nivea, Lauren London, and some other chick) in one single year, has yet to confirm a marriage to any of them, and heads off to jail in two months. The fact that he makes great music doesn’t seem to mean as much as it used to. Deadbeat dads need not enter 2010. Thank you.

1. CHRIS BROWN: You already know…

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