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Skin dry as a desert? Want skin as soft as a baby’s? Most of us don’t use too much lotion in the winter because of all the clothes that we have to put on. Besides, we think, “who’s going to know or see our skin with so much clothes?

Here are some tips on how to soften your skin this winter from

First, it’s important to realize that all lotions are not created equal So to find one that will really do the job, look for ingredients that are humectants like glycerin and hyaluronic acid — they’ll attract moisture to your skin. Also look for occlusive ingredients like rosehip, avocado and hazelnut oils to seal that moisture in.

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Second, our moisturizer isn’t the only thing we need to change out during winter. Cleansers and body washes can also dry out skin, so switch to creamy formulas come cold weather.

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