Sometimes the ones that we love most are far away whether it is due to military service, school or work. When your man is not there, you miss him and the need to reconnect on a sexual level grows. Worry no more, try a sexy e-mail. How many times have we heard the phrase men are visual? That is a true statement, so here are some steps from to craft your own sultry email that will leave your man wanting you even more:

Step 1: Let go of any inhibitions about expressing your sensual side through writing. Try not to over think your email. Sexy isn’t about sounding a certain way. You want to avoid clichés and make the email sound natural.

Step 2: Think about a specific romantic time in your relationship. Describe your feelings at that time. Re-create the date so your partner remembers the mood and emotions.

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Step 3: Write about what you want to do with your partner. Tell your lover that you can’t wait to meet up and then depict your next meeting. Talk about the physicality of your relationship and what you love about being intimate.

Step 4: Include romantic messages about your love for your partner. Be specific and illustrate all the things that make you happy and crazy for your lover. The better the recipient feels when they read the sexy email, the better they feel when they see you again.

Step 5: Reflect upon what your partner finds romantic. You want to appeal to emotions, sexual desires and visually stimulate their sensual side. Use poetry or explicit language depending upon what your lover desires.

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