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Well, well, well…Tiger Woods, the once clean cut tennis great is now revealed to be a man with lots of dirty little secrets.

There are so many women now stepping up to tell of their sexual trysts with Tiger over the past few years that we all may lose count soon, although I think the latest number is up to nine, but who knows what may happen by the end of the day, another lover may pop out of nowhere, but according to latest reports the number is up to nine and holding! These nine women all have very similar stories, that Tiger slept with and had unprotected sex, gave them money for sexual favors and speculated to use prescription drugs to enhance their sexual experience. Tiger, it is obviously a man with issues! But are there more issues to come? What do his planets reveal about his sexual indulgences?

Tiger Woods, a Capricorn born on 12/30/1975 has the astrology chart of someone who likes adventurous woman, intense sexual experiences; secret rendezvous and is always in search of the perfect woman. In street lingo, ‘Tiger Woods is a straight up sex addict!’ His Moon in the ‘never content’ sign of Sagittarius suggests that he should have never gotten married so early in life because he has a strong curiosity of women and that he will be preoccupied with looking to see what else or who else is out there in the world that he can connect with. People with Sagittarius Moon’s will roam on their partners if they do not have strong emotional connections. Elin Nordegren, his wife is also a Capricorn. She has a Venus in Aquarius and a Mars in Virgo. Venus is the planet of love and Mars is the planet of passion. Elin’s love profile suggests that she may not be as warm and passionate enough for Tiger’s needs. She might be more mental than physical. With her Mars in Virgo, she might be good at what she does, but her love making style can be a bit mechanical if boredom sets in. Tiger’s Venus is in Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of passion and with his Mars is in the sign of Gemini, Tiger’s love profile suggests that he enjoys hot and forbidden sexual encounters (aka unprotected sex outside of his marriage) and with more than one woman. (Don’t be surprised if you hear of some woman coming forward telling of having a threesome with Tiger and some other woman very soon because this fits his love profile!)

Does Tiger need a Psychologist? Maybe, he could use some therapy to deal with his lying, cheating and putting his wife’s life at risk with unprotected sex partners. But, both he and his wife if they choose to stay together, (I seriously doubt if their marriage can endure this) could use sexual counseling to keep the sparks alive in their relationship, because Tiger is prone to stray again! Are the revelations over for Tiger Woods? Based on his planets, I hardly think so! In fact expect some more rumors to fall out of the skies around the spring and fall of 2010! We’ll be waiting!

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