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50 Cent recently announced he made peace with ex-girlfriend Vivica A. Fox after their bitter break-up by casting her as his leading lady in a new music video. Well here we have it!

The couple’s 2003 split was far from amicable, prompting Vivica to blast 50 on the “Tyra Banks Show” after he accused her of using their relationship to boost her profile. But 50 Cent returned to the supermodel’s talk show to announce he’s friends with Fox again. He says, “She was really upset with me (after the break-up)… I called her. I said, ‘You got to stop fighting and be in my video.’

In the video, Fox walks in a restaurant and sees Fif with his new girl, actress Tamala Jones, and afterwards she goes into quite the tizzy. (Joe Budden’s ex Tahiry also makes a cameo). Throughout the video, we also see real photos of the two when they were together as a couple. 50 said the treatment for the video was inspired by watching Martin Lawrence in “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate.”

“So many people are gonna identify with it,” Fif told us about the single, his favorite on the album. “The 55 percent of people that have been married and divorced are gonna identify with it. I was writing about the difference of how it felt when it was only about money, once it got down to me dealing with the child-support situation,” he continued. “The friendship we had was forgotten. I believe people invest in each other, and it’s never even when you’re in a relationship. One person is loving harder than the other. When the expectations aren’t being met, they kinda resent the other party. A lot of times they don’t go from being boyfriend and girlfriend or to getting engaged or being married back to being friends. They kinda gotta part ways from each other because one still has feelings and one is ready to move on.”

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