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Hello beautiful people!!!! I am so excited to begin this journey with you into my beauty universe.

Before I get too distracted by the latest trends in makeup, tips and ways to save money on beauty products during this recession, I should tell you a little bit about myself!

I woke up one day while I was living in my Park Slope Brooklyn rail road flat and had an epiphany that becoming a makeup artist was what I should do. Now after attending both Howard University and NYU studying Cultural Anthropology and Urban Sociology, I knew that 5-7 more years of schooling was not for me. I was always involved in creative projects even while attending those Universities because it was the creative things that I had passion for.

My parents, of course, were not too thrilled to hear that my morning wakeup to become a makeup artist was my TRUE CALLING!!!!! They just didn’t understand, but as usual, gave me 100 percent support and even helped me buy my first portfolio and pay for my first test pictures which I still have to this day. Who would have thought 11 years later, 4 world tours and a host of A-list clients, here I would stand a celebrity makeup artist.

I mean, it all still shocks me to this day. I still haven’t begun to realize that when someone at a makeup counter or an aspiring makeup artist tells me they admire my work that means that I have given my share to this industry and I have made my own impact. For me, it’s all about humility when following your dreams and it’s all about persistence too.

Well enough about me… let’s get into some fun tips!


I am always being asked how I do this look on one of my clients or how can I get glowing skin. The look that is super hot this season is the subtle Smokey Eye. You’ve seen it on Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Rihanna and so many other beautiful stars. It is the happy medium between smoldering and sexy cat eyes without over doing it.

I like to start with a kohl eye liner pencil. One of my favorites is TiGi Big Fat Fun liner in Black or Brown because. Its dense, super rich and it last for hours on end. First, make a thick line on top lid close to the lash line and using a Q-tip (if you don’t have makeup brushes fine, but eventually invest – they are awesome) blend the color upward towards the crease.

Once color is sheer and spread out add a pretty metallic navy, shimmery gray or even a gorgeous bronze eye shadow with good pigment on top of the liner. The shadow will adhere to the kohl liner and your eyes will last for hours on end. You can line the lower inside lash line for intensity, but I suggest doing that for after work. That is always a great way to vamp up your look for after work fun.

To complete the look, add 3 coats of mascara. I love Dior Iconic Mascara in Black, but I equally love low cost Cover Girl Lash Exact Mascara. When doing an intense eye, save foundation, concealer, powder or whatever you choose for after because if there are any dropped particles, the clean up is much easier. If you did the reverse, the dark shadows would stick to your makeup on your face making it much more of a hassle to clean up. Finally, finish this look with a beautiful nude moisture rich lipstick or lip gloss. I love Vincent Longo’s Dolce Vita lipstick. It’s creamy café latte color looks amazing on any skin tone.


Winter is a good time to rejuvenate, so that by spring your skin looks glowing and flawless. I love to do simple things like rub lemons on my face and steam for 10-15 minutes with a hot pot of water to draw out impurities and toxins. Doing this skin ritual during the winter months always makes my skin have the most radiant look and this helps dull dry skin that seems to take over in the cold season. After a great steam using a quality anti-aging serum and night time moisturizer work wonders.


Winter time is also when I love to pull out my chocolate, berries and reds. A neutral face with mascara and maybe a little bit of eyeliner with a bold lip always looks good in winter. And, we are seeing this trend all over the red carpet and magazines.

Well that’s it for now I must run and get my kit prepped for work tomorrow. I look forward hearing from you all with your questions and comments.

Until next time, stay tuned for more amazing tricks, tips, drug store beauty finds, best products list and so much more as you travel with me to hectic sets, red carpet nightmares and the journey of a day in the life of a celebrity makeup artist.

Be blessed and stay beautiful.

Ashunta Sheriff

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