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A couple was recently denied permission to adopt because, according to papers, the husband was “too fat.”

According to UK publication Telegraph,

[Damien and Charlotte Hall], who do not drink or smoke, have accused Leeds City Council of ignoring their parenting skills and denying a child a loving home.

They approached the council about adoption because they cannot have children of their own, but were told that Mr Hall’s weight made them ineligible, because of the risk that he could become ill or die.

The 37-year-old call centre worker from Leeds must cut his body mass (BMI) index to below 40 and prove he can keep the weight off for the couple to be considered. He currently has a BMI of more than 42, classifying him as morbidly obese.

Do you think adoption should be based on the weight of the potential parent? Do you think overweight people have a harder time raising children? Let us know!

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