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The holiday season is a time when family and friends get together but if you are living in another state or country away from your family, then this can prove to be difficult because no one wants to be alone for Christmas. Traveling this season has proven to be especially challenging due to the financial climate, so plan ahead. Booking early is key and if you have not done so by today’s date, most of those deals are coming to an end but there is still a bit of hope.

Travel by train: Train fares do not change much based on need but the fares will vary based on the date. Go to where you can view the weekly deals sections.

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Travel by bus: Bus fares do not change much based on need or time of travel like airline flights.

  • If you book on-line a day, in advance on you can get a fare for up to %50 off.
  • If you look at local bus services in your area that provide deals, like Chinatown bus in the Northeast or California shuttle in California for local frequently traveled routes.

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Travel by plane: Plane fares are the hardest to get a discounts on because the holiday season is when the airline industry makes the most money. The industry has even added a $10 fee for holiday travel in addition to the $20 per bag fee for more than one piece of luggage therefore, make sure that you travel light.

  • If you travel early on Christmas morning then you will see a considerable discount.
  • Call and speak to an actual live person on the phone, as long as you are not assessed a fee for the operator, that person can really help guide you toward the best deal that fits your needs, try sites like
  • If you pay luggage fees on-line then most airlines offer a discount of up to $5 off.
  • When your luggage is being weighed if it’s over, ask to use another scale because an investigation found that 1/8 scales at the airports were wrong.

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