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Why Do Black Men Love White Women

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With the recent Tiger Woods drama with his white jumpoff’s, it got us thinking why are black men so fascinated with white women once they become successful?

Some say a black man might like to take part in a relationship with a white woman because they are not familiar with the race.This gives the relationship in itself a kind of thrill, and makes it one to store in the memory box. The white woman looks different, acts different, smells different, comes from a different world.

A black man knows a black woman like the back of his hand, so this makes the black woman a bit of a bore.  They then seek out the unknown or thrill they think they’ll get with a white woman which they think will get them out of the  little box which they live in.

We found a website/blog that is exploring the fascination with white women and has started a dialogue for everyone to weigh in on. The site,, has put together a plethora of examples that may or may not be surprising in an effort to open up the floor to this discussion.

Could Mr. Right be white?

Take a look at some of famous celebs who have dated or married white women:

Angela Simmons talks interracial dating

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