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While I was sitting under the dryer at my favorite salon, Natural Trend Setters and my stylist (named Simone too :) and I talked about the next time I’d come by and coach her staff on marketing, business,  goal setting and even self-love. It’s just one of my favorite barters I do every other month or so and I get my hair styled in exchange.

During our beauty shop banter where we discussed everything from business to relationships, the small group began to bond. There was a gentleman who just had his locks done, sitting next to me under the dryer.

He lifted up the dryer so that I could hear him better, “What exactly is it that you do again? You wrote a book or something right?”

“Yes, I’m an author and coach.”

He asked more about what I did and after explaining how I work, he said, “Oh, so your like a marketing trainer and a life coach in a sense? I need one of those, someone to hold me accountable. Please send me some more info, I’d like to find out how coaching can help me.”  I emailed him the next day with further details.

After reviewing my rates, he admitted he didn’t have it in his budget right now, but wanted to discuss further. Of course, the wheels started turning in my head, and I remembered that he was a photographer and I’ll need one soon for one of my upcoming events. He was referred to me in the past, so I knew he was good. NOTE: You should check out people’s references before agreeing to anything and always get it in writing.

If you’re going to have to spend money on something anyway, why not barter when you can? I like to make smart choices and not just barter with ‘anyone’. I always ask myself is this something I really NEED, before I over extend myself. Especially if it’s a barter that includes my time.

Like for instance, I love a cash and barter mix when someone has something I really need. I have a client who owns a salon and I get paid a monthly retainer in cash, however if I’m in need of a mani-pedi, then just put on my tab. Well, the tab just essentially comes out of my monthly retainer check. However, I was going pay for a pedicure and manicure anyway, right?

I know, I know you might say..’Come on Simone, pedicures are not a necessity.’ I’m going to be honest, I am so not the “girly, girl type”, but um…I beg to differ! When you live in South Florida and your toes are out 90% of the time, oh yes indeed it is a necessity. It’s apart of the wardrobe and your marketing package, and ladies, don’t you forget it! LOL When I lived in NY, maybe I could get away with missing a few weeks, hiding them in boots, but here, not a chance.

So, I digress… I did say this is about living the good life on zero cash didn’t I? :) Just because the economy is going the way it is, why should you have to change your lifestyle at all?

In the last couple of months, I’ve been bartering with my hairstylist, a nail salon, a massage therapist and even an interior designer. Next, I’m on the hunt for a cruise and of course anything including some pampering. I love me some pampering. LOL Keep an eye out for me will ya?  If you want to take a stab at bartering. Join my free network and I’ll help you out!

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