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This Thanksgiving you’re surely in for an interesting dinner with an even more interesting cast of characters that you are forced to call family. Everyone has the typical list of crazies that converge at a dinner table every year for the holiday. The crazy and slightly weird uncle, that cute cousin that you have a secret crush on, the out-cast aunt. We know.

While we can’t get you out of sharing a meal with them this Thanksgiving, we can show you what such a dinner would be like if we could recast your thanksgiving dinner table with some interesting celebs.

Here’s our top 10 list of celebs that we’d like to have dinner with.

1.) Kanye West – The weird and slightly crazy uncle

Can you picture Kanye sitting across fromm you in his tweed suit and sunglasses-inside, just staring and interrupting convo to blurt out random mean comments every now and then? Weird!

2.) Oprah – The rich, sexually ambiguous aunt

Oprah is the aunt that we all have. Older, well-established, no kids, unmarried and perhaps gay. The perfect person to hit up for 100 bucks when your mom’s not looking.

3.) Lance Gross – The sexy cousin

Isn’t there always that one cousin who is so fine that you wish you weren’t related? Yea, Lance Gross is certainly the source of that cousin crush.

4.) Frankie – The “mom”

With Frankie as the matriarch of this family gathering, get ready for some D-R-A-M-A! Man-down!

5.) Pops – Pops

Three words…bang, bang, bang! Watch out Frankie!

6.) Lil Wayne – The bad nephew

Lil Wayne plays the role of the troubled nephew. All thought the dinner your grandma goes in on him about his tattoos, and his baby mamas and why he should try to stay out of jail, go to church and get a job.

7.) Lauren London – The fast niece

Lauren is your PYT niece, who is as fast as she is cute. You will definitely catch her texting her lil’ boyfriend under the table, trying to plan a way to sneak him in later when everyone’s sleeping. SMH!!

8.) Amy Winehouse – The aunt who likes”the drank” a lil’ too much

Amy is the token alcoholic in this gathering. Just keep her away from the rum.

9.) Keyshia Cole – The cuter, more successful sister

We can all sympathize with Neffie for a moment, because at this dinner Keyshia is the sister that you know your mom always loved a little more.  Make sure you spill some red wine on little-miss-perfect’s designer dress, then floss your $20 outfit for all its worth!

10.) The Obamas – The more sophisticated rich cousins

The Obamas would definitely be your well-off family members who moved to Chicago and hardly associate with the rest of you, except for unavoidable occasions like the one at hand. While you bust down a turkey leg with your bare hands, Sasha and Malia look at you in disgust and floss their perfect etiquette. Highfalutin.

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