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Take a bold step and decorate using red.

1. Dare to use red to decorate your living space, and you won’t be disappointed. Red is a bold and vivacious color that adds extreme elements to a living room, bedroom, or recreational room. Intense red is vibrant and energetic and creates a fun-filled atmosphere for activity and relaxation. A red carpet is a perfect interior design for any room because it adds color and warmth to the room.

2.Energize your living room with red because it is a modern and cutting edge decorating technique. Red paint can add a burst of color to any wall, decorative accent or modern piece of wooden furniture. Dark reds are especially perfect for combing with golden and brown hues to create a romantic and salacious décor. Red is a dynamic color so it encourages movement and creativity like no other color can.

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3. Achieve harmony by coming red with complementary colors like green and gold. The effect is one that is glamorous and engaging. Subtle accent lighting with lamps and recessed fixtures can create a glow that brings the red accents to life. Because of red’s natural bright flavor, it brings a nice contrast to dull and monotonous areas.

4. Dramatize the effects of red by choosing accent furniture pieces like chairs, throw rugs, and toss pillows in shades of vibrant red. Home décor doesn’t need to be stale or blah…choose red to bring a whole new element to a room. Red is powerful and it is eye-catching so it should not be overused. A few subtle accent pieces can make a long-lasting impression.

Take a look at some trendy living rooms with red below:

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