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Sometimes I wonder about mankind. We’re suppose to be born with common sense, but like my mother always says, “common sense isn’t so common.”

As is the case with 24-year-old Texan, Trista Joy Lathern.

Lathern lied to friends and family to make them believe she had breast cancer, and raised a hefty $10,000 at a benefit for it. What was the money really for? She wanted to get breast implants!

The reason? To save her dying seven-month marriage.

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Not only did Lathern lie about using to the money for chemotherapy, but she also shaved her head in order to look like a cancer patient.

Lathern was arrested on Wednesday for lying to the police about her condition, taking the charity money and spending it on the surgery.

And while this was all for the sake of saving her family and marriage, her husband William has since filed for an annulment. According to the Waco Tribune-Herald, William Lathern claims Trista “induced him to get married ‘by fraud.'”

The annulment petition says that William was unaware of the fact his wife was cancer-free when they married or when the fundraiser was held.

Oh love, where would we be without it?

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