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Rihanna’s been on a whirlwind of a promo tour for her upcoming album, “Rated R.”

She conveniently chose this time to finally open up about the infamous Chris Brown incident in a highly-publicized 20/20 on-air interview, and appeared on-stage for the first time in a while when receiving her “Woman Of The Year” Award from Glamour Magazine.

But here’s what confusing: in those events, she played the classy part, donning elegant gowns and modest turtleneck dresses in neutral, almost pure-like, colors and wore minimal make-up that made her look all the more pristine.

But when advertising for her album, and its released singles, she’s topless, wrapped in barb wires, gold corsets, and a barely-there bodysuit, with dark and drastic make-up that overwhelms her face.

The two personalities don’t coincide, so we ask: Will the real Rihanna please stand up?

Which comes naturally and which is the product of a tireless PR team?

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