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Bossip got the chance to sit down with Lil’ Wayne’s first baby mama, Toya Carter, mother of their daughter Reginae, and star of BET’s hit show, “Tiny & Toya.” She discussed her new man, Lil’ Wayne’s baby mamas, and her plans for the future.

Are you still with James Hardy? People said you made tweets that made them think y’all weren’t together?

James is a great person.

You say that you don’t like drama and get along with all of Wayne’s baby mamas. Has it always been that way, and what was your first reaction to them?

Dwayne has not always had “Baby mamas.” This is something new for me, but we are making a conscious effort to change the stereotype of baby mamas. We get a long great! We don’t have any reason not to. It’s about the kids at this point and I love all of them.

Anymore kids for you soon?

I would love to have another kid but not in the near future.

You care a lot about your image. Now that you’re in the spotlight more, how hard is it to balance being a mother and a reality star?

I won’t pretend it’s easy. Being in the Spotlight now, I have found that my motherly skills are getting stronger. I can see more clearly now the things I need to protect her from and prepare her for. Reginae and I have a great relationship. We spend lots of time together.

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Do you wear a weave? If so, ladies want to know what kind?

Yes I do. My stylist uses these links to put my weave in so a lot of my real hair is out. That’s why people always ask me is that your hair? Because it always look so natural… No it’s good old Indian mixed with mine.

On the new season of Tiny and Toya, what can we expect? When does it air? Are y’all taping now?

Expect to see continued growth and forward movement…I think it airs in February…we start taping this week.

What happened to the book?

I’m still working on it.

We saw your struggle with your mom on the show, how is she?

My mom is Great! She’s doing much better…Anita loves everybody and everybody loves Anita.

What’s your favorite drink and why?

My preferred drink of choice is white wine..but I’m not a big drinker.

There is a video out with you dancing at a Halloween party looking a little scandalous. How did that happen?

I’m not a scandalous person and I don’t pretend to be square. I go out and have fun like most people my age…I’m at a Growth stage in my life and right now I’m learning that people would try to twist the truth until it looks like something else…it was Halloween and I was just having fun!

With Wayne facing a substantial amount of jail time for gun charges, how are you preparing yourself and your daughter for that situation?

The situation saddens me but we are preparing our daughter for it and we are there for each other as always.

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