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Mary J. Blige recently broke down the process of writing “I Can See in Color,” her original, sure-to-be award-contending song from “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push.” Speaking at an industry conference in Beverly Hills, Blige discussed how channeling the film’s difficult subject matter resulted in a sometimes grueling recording process.

“I was damaged, in a good way,” Blige said of writing and recording the song.

The soundtrack will be available online November 3rd and in stores November 23rd.  It was produced by Daniels along with Mary J. Blige, whose new song “I Can See In Color” will be the first single. The track has already garnered raves, with Rolling Stone extolling it as “a knockout song. expressing the goal of Precious to see the world in color.”  Other artists featured on the star-studded soundtrack include Queen Latifah, Mahalia Jackson and Grace Hightower.  According to Daniels, these artists were selected because they “resonate not only in Precious’ world, but speak to your soul no matter who you are.”

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The songs on the soundtrackeffectively capture this groundbreaking film’s powerful, universal message about the human capacity to grow and overcome.  Set in 1987, PRECIOUS tells the story of Harlem teenager Claireece “Precious” Jones, who overcomes tremendous obstacles to discover her own worth, beauty and potential.   Precious’ tale is perfectly complimented by this deeply moving collection of songs – songs that are the sound of Precious’ resilient, questing spirit, which carries her through such intense struggle.  Courage and determination, passionately expressed by Mary J. Blige, Jean Carn, Donna Allen and others, are touchstones of Precious’ story and Daniels’ film; ultimately the message will reverberate in listeners and audiences alike.

Take a look at Mary below:

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