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The holiday season is a time when friends and family may be more prone to just stop in. Are you prepared for a little casual holiday entertaining, even when it’s unexpected?

Here are some tips to get you through this stressful time:

* Keep some special tasty treats on hand. If your habits around this time of year are anything like ours, this should be the easy part.

* Keep up on decluttering through the holiday frenzy. With full days at work and spare time filled with holiday preparations, this can be a challenge. But stay on top of at least one small thing each day.

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* Keep drinks on hand. Our everyday drink consists of water, just water. So it’s easy to be caught off guard when unexpected guests drop in. Try to have some hot teas on hand and your tea pot at the ready, just in case!

* Keep clean dishes! Throughout the workweek, it can be easy for all of the dishes in our small household to end up in the dishwasher, especially when we’re trying to get it as full as possible. Be sure to keep at least a few small dishes spare, because who knows when you’ll need them?

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