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Oftentimes we get caught off guard by our busy work schedules, family, kids, the whole nine yards. Some of us get downright lazy on how we look and what we wear. It is important to always remember, your outward appearance can leave a lasting impression on those around you like your friends, co-workers, etc.

Now I’m not saying you should be spending beau coup bucks on your wardrobe, especially if you don’t have it! However, what I am saying is that you can totally achieve the look for less, if you just put a little thought and effort into the way you look. But before we send you shopping there are some rules to this:


1) It is imperative to wear proper undergarments! Be mindful of those dreadful panty lines, thongs peeking out of your jeans, belly fat protruding you get the drift

2) Butt Crack– JUST NOT CUTE. Unless you are a newborn baby, no one needs to see that

3) Ashy Back Muffin-tops– Please don’t squeeze yourselves into jeans that are two sizes too small- You end up looking way bigger and sloppy in your clothes

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4) Please stop wearing Doo Rags on the street. We know you got or want to keep your waves in tact, but there’s a time and a place for everything.

5) Absolutely no matching suits and shoes-no blue gator and blue suits, especially on the NYC subway.

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