For most women, One Night Stands are never hard to find. We can get a man to pretty much have sex with us when ever and where ever. It turns out nature does know what it’s doing (sometimes, anyway.) Research has shown what many of us already notice: “Women experience an increase in sexual desire when we are most fertile,” according to

Sometimes you may want to meet someone and let your sexual desires out, even if it is not for actual intercourse, just for a hook up, or as black people say “get with him.” Hooking up has come to define sexual relationships for most of today’s teens and young women. It can mean anything from kissing and touching to oral sex or intercourse. Vagueness is its hallmark according to a story on Always know thy self and use a condom.

No Judgement Fridays: The Top Five Don’ts Of The Booty Call

Choice is key: This is a one time thing only, so do it when you are feeling extra free like on vacations, business trips and when you just need a change. The only must haves: extra cute with a tight body, i.e: Dwayne Johnson

WTF: Frankie Had Threesome With A Man And His Mom!

No Oral Sex: You can get kinky with positions, but it is never a safe idea to put an unknown penis in your mouth and vice-versa. The last thing you want to get is herpes simplex 1, a virus with symptoms including cold sores on the mouth–not cute.

No Cuddling Afterward: It is over, and hopefully it was great. Now, go home and take a shower. There is no need to have a tender moment with a one-timer.

Never Admit It: When you meet the next love of your life only discuss boyfriends, not booty calls and one night stands because the number of partners you have had matters to men. This one should never be spoken of and/or added to the list.

Check out these hot celebs that can get it:

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