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Some people may wonder how rapper (and Pharrell protege) Teyana Taylor has made her way into A-list circles of the music industry. After all, she’s been signed to StarTrak Entertainment for two years, has yet to release a debut album, and has had only one single, “Google Me,” which achieved minimal success. Radio personality and entertainment blogger Egypt sat down with Taylor to discuss her growing career, sexuality, and relationship with Chris Brown.

Tell me something that no one knows about you Teyana..

Well, I’m addicted to Jimmy Neutron cartoons and donuts. I’m really a fat kid at heart. I eat everything! But at least I workout and dance a lot, too. People always ask how I stay so skinny. It’s because I do leglifts on the treadmill. That’s how you get a six pack.

Leglifts on a treadmill? How do you do that without busting your ass?

By holding onto the bars. Hello! I’m no hater. I’ll tell you how to get my body. Some people wanna be selfish and keep all that stuff to themselves. If someone asks me, I’ll tell them that is how you get a six pack of abs.

You’re a Twitter maniac, lady. Over the past 3 months we’ve seen pictures posted on Twitter by either you, Chris Brown, or Soulja Boy. These pics of course prompted rumors that maybe you were dating both of them. Was there any truth to the rumors?

Yeah, I know. I mean, no…no. Chris is my brother. I’ve always said that. People say a lot of things about me and I’m like, I’m only 18. Really? Is it that serious? People have said I was gay and all type of stuff.

Is Teyana Taylor Chris Brown’s Ride Or Die Chick?

Hm, I didn’t hear that one…

Yeah, some bloggers, well not really bloggers, but the commenters have said that about me. How can I be gay if I’m still a virgin?

Wait, you’re still a virgin? I’m really happy to hear that.

Yes. The one thing people can never say is that I’m a hoe. I have a purity ring. The only time you get in trouble is if you attempt to do something. If you’re laying up on a boy then something is going to happen. So I just keep my legs closed until I am ready for that. I can’t have a boyfriend because the only thing they want to do is have sex. I don’t want no fingers up there, no penis, nothing!!! Uh uh.

You know, many young girls think that virginity is lame and promiscuity is cool. They succumb to peer pressure and then find themselves in grown folks situations that they aren’t equipped to handle. So I’m pleasantly surprised to hear that you have your head on straight.

Egypt, I even try to teach these girls. I hold bible study class at St. Lukes church in Harlem when I’m home. I actually teach the class because I want them to know it’s okay to praise God and keep your legs closed. I’m just trying to be a good example right now. It’s funny because when I had my 18th birthday I wore this Herve Lager dress and peeps were like “Whoa, Teyana.” I guess that’s because I always try to dress my age. I just started wearing dresses so they were shocked. But that night I had to make people know that if I want to get on my girlie stuff then I will do that. These female artists need to know that if and when I’m ready to bust out and throw it on….Be afraid… very afraid!! But I want to be a good example. I’m a lady and I think people respect that.

What do you think about Chris’ decision to go on the radio recently and talk about that night with Rihanna. Was it a wise decision?

I feel like every decision he made was right. He had to go on and talk about the situation because no one heard his side. I don’t condone what he did. It’s never right to hit a woman. But I’m gonna be by his side anyway.

Recently, a certain radio personality put you on blast by asking “What exactly does Teyana Taylor do?”, as if to question your relevance. A few other websites have mistakenly called you a rapper. Do you want to respond?

Yeah, I know who you’re talking about and when it happened I was like, Wow! That’s just so fake because he was just smiling in my face before that….but nevermind that. Here’s the deal. I have a lipgloss line coming out called “Dope Lips.” We are still developing it but I’m excited because we have ‘Salute The Nude’ under the lipgloss line for all the girls who like nude colors. It will come in all different shades. The website is

GALLERY: Teyana Taylor Launches Lip Gloss Line

I’m a songwriter, too. I’m about to write for Blackstreet and Usher. I wrote a Timbaland track for Usher; Teddy Riley heard it and said “That’s crazy!! If Usher don’t want it then bring it here.” So now, I’m about to write for their album. I’m writing stuff with Chris Brown, Omarion, and I’m about to start getting in with Brandy too. So I am really heavy into songwriting.

I have my own publishing company called “I Am McLovin Publishing.” I am also hosting the Jamaican Awards (YVA) in Kingston in February because the kids in Jamaica love me. I didn’t even realize I had so many Jamaican fans. I’m in the newest Source magazine with Young Money on the cover and I’m about to do the covers of Persona and Bleu Magazines. I’m a model too! I modeled for Zac Posen and Deisel during “Fashion Week” in Miami. And I did a campaign for “Married to the Mob.”

Wait a minute, how tall are you?

5 foot 7. I’m 5 foot 7, Egypt. But I feel taller and I have a tall personality. Also, me, Chris Brown and his brother just started a rock band called “Ugly.” People have said “Teyana, you can’t do that,” but I say “Yes, you can.” Shoot, Gwen Stefani did it! She did her Gwen Stefani solo stuff and her band with “No Doubt” and they both worked. It’s just another creative extension of me.

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