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I guess the new matching tats that Lamar and Khloe got  aren’t enough to make Lamar’s baby mama feel secure in letting her kids hang out with their new stepmom.  According to,  Liza Morales says she has reservations about letting their children spend time with their new stepmom.

“I have no comment to make about these tattoos, they are both adults and what they choose to do with their bodies is their business,” Morales said. “But with regard to my children being around Khloe – all I can say is that I have reservations about my children spending time with anyone I don’t know -and I don’t personally know Khloe Kardashaian.”

Morales and Odom have two children together and had been a couple for a decade before they split. They also suffered the loss of an infant son named Jayden who died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Khloe and Lamar seal the deal with a tat

Take a look at the couple below:

Khloe still hasn’t met Lamar’s kids

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