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For those of you who have no interest in donning an itty bitty ” sexy cop costume,” or a huge elaborate bride of Frankenstein costume for Halloween, but still want to be festive, you’re in luck. There is a happy Halloween medium! You can attend the hottest holiday parties without having to choose between looking like a slutty something-or-the-other, or an overdone Halloween freak.

Here are a few alternatives to the typical Halloween costumes that will allow you participate in the festivities without looking like a victim:

1) Pick A Look

What image do you want to portray this Halloween? Decide what kind of look you want to go with, then coordinate the next steps accordingly. You can be Gothic, glam, 80s or whatever else your mind can conceive of. Choose your signature for the holiday, then head to your closet.

2) Outfit

Instead of going out and buying a costume, look to your own closet for Halloween inspiration. Pick out an outfit that is fun and outgoing. Also, make sure it goes with the theme that you picked. For instance, if you are doing Gothic, make sure you do all black everything. You can pull out your favorite black outfit, then reinvent it for the occasion. The same applies to any other theme that you pick.

3) Accessories

This is the most important part of this process. The accessories are what will make your look. So accessorise it up! Use fun pieces to create a fun look for yourself this Halloween. A hat, a pair of fishnets and a wig will do simple wonders for you. Halloween is your chance to pull out all of those sexy, wacky, interesting things that you bought months ago, but couldn’t quite figure out how to rock. Those 6 inch spiked heel booties? That conductors hat? That barbie wig? Bring ’em out.

4) Use Dramatic Makeup

Makeup, in this instance, will seal the deal on your look. If you went with an 80s inspired get up for Halloween, bust out your brightest blue eye shadow. This might be your only chance to rock it boldly without rebuke. If you opted for a goth look, pull out the black lipstick and transform yourself like Kim Kardashian (check her out in the gallery). If you chose the glam barbie look, do bright pink-based MAC pigments a la Nicki Minaj.

Whatever your look, make sure you follow through from start to finish. You don’t have to spend money, or go to the extreme to do Halloween in style. A little bit of inspiration is all it takes!

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