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Complain, complain, complain. That’s all plus-size women do. It’s bad enough they want to share clubs with us, but they take up opportune shopping space in our stores and squeeze into the tightest seats on the bus. And aren’t there enough specialty stores, magazines, and even runways for them? They’ve got it all!

Will plus-size women ever stop complaining?

With all of the progression women of different sizes and shapes have made in the name of “self-confidence” and “self-love,” plus-size women have been stepping their game up and giving skinnier women a run for their money. Stores like Ashley Stewart and Manik Magazine cater to the “little more to love” crowd, and stores like Forever 21 have created lines like “Faith 21” with the size 12 and above in mind. But are they thankful? Of course not.

Why should people who are bigger have their own exclusive clothing and fashion shows instead of being of one accord with the general population?

Fat Acceptance Activists Push For Plus-Size Nightclubs

Why do you ask? Well, to put it simply, plus-size women are always the “butt” of jokes, (i.e., Mo’Nique, who uses jokes about herself as a defense mechanism), and don’t receive the same caliber of clothing, treatment, or respect as everyone else.

The average American woman is not a 6 or 8, but a 16! And yes, there are stores that satiate the “thicker than a snicker” fashionistas, they are so few and far between, that it’s hard to avoid looking like carbon copy. And the ratio of “big girl” stores to “slender” women’s boutiques are drastically low.

Yet stores insist on “dumbing down” styles like skinny jeans and leggings and slap the “plus-size” sticker across it and call it “plus-size fashion.” Think about the last time you went to store with a “plus-size” or “women’s” section. Notice how cute and fitted the “petite” section’s clothes are. How flattering and unique every garment is. Then step into the big girls’ area, typically all the way in the back of the store. The very store that carries the cutesy clothes for skinny women, offer bigger women “tent-inspired” garments with the nerve to make them in the same fabrics as the skinny stuff like they can’t tell the difference!

And there are no haute couture designers that make double digit sizes, except if they lines for H&M or Target. Otherwise, forget it!

Designer Says: “No One Wants To Look At Fat Women”

In fact, people like Chanel designer Karl Lagerfield, insist that

“Fat mummies sit there in front of the television with their chip packets and say skinny models are ugly.”

Very hypocritical Karl! We remember when you were a happy meal away from a heart attack!

Plus, nothing shows off clothing better than the “real curves” of a woman.

So are plus-size women, bitch, moan, and complaining a little too much? Maybe, but until the playing field is leveled, might as well invest in some ear plugs ’cause the fight will continue to wage on!

THICK VS. FAT: Aren’t They The Same???

MANIK MAG: The New Fashion Mecca For Plus Sized Women

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