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Teyana Taylor is the kind of friend everyone should  have..Teyana recently sat down with vibe.com to explain why she’s a Chris Brown supporter and a friend for life:

“A lot of people were jumping on different bandwagons and I really felt like that was wack,” the 18-year-old Taylor told VIBE. “Before the incident between him and Rihanna, Chris had always been my brother. When we met we clicked instantly from our fashion styles to our love of basketball to dancing to everything. I’ve known him for four years and I was one of the only people that stood by his side when the situation happened.”

She also had Brown’s back when others lashed out against him. In mid September, the Harlem-born singer, rapper, choreographer, and socialite got into a very public Twitter spat with Tila Tequila over the reality-TV star’s disparaging comments about her and her controversial crooning friend.

Tequila, who called out Taylor for her support of the embattled multi-platinum performer said dismissively, “I had no idea who Teyana Taylor was.”

Among Taylor’s biting responses: “Her 2 seconds of fame is over.”

As Chris Brown mounts a comeback–he’s recently shot videos for his two new songs, “I Can Transform Ya” and “Crawl,” from his upcoming Graffiti album–Taylor predicts lots of friends-turned-foes will once again experience changes of heart.

“When he gets back to where he used to be, a lot of people are going to come running back and smiling in his face,” she says.

Taylor, who is working on her long-delayed debut album (the Star Trak set From A Planet Called Harlem was due out in 2008) and mentoring in-demand protégé, singer/songwriter Ester Dean, says that ultimately a contrite Brown will live, learn and once again dominate the music charts.

“He knows who really are his friends. I think stuff like this happens to really show you who really cares about you.”

Take a look at Teyana below:

Chris Brown speaks again

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