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There are those that believe that women are from Venus and men are from Mars. What this basically means is that men and women communicate differently. Men are direct so therefore, ladies playing coy does not work. They need us to tell them what we want but that can also be labeled as complaining or nagging. This is where positive reinforcement comes into play.  When a woman gives her partner positive comments she is accomplishing a couple of things.  First, she is creating the feeling in him that he had when they first met; the feeling that he is the most important person in the world to her and that she admires him.  When a wife or girlfriend does this well, he is also more likely to listen to her when she makes a request.  Second, positive reinforcement teaches him what she wants from him.  He then feels successful and is likely to do what pleases her even more, according to Monica A. Frank, Ph.D. from

Instead of Saying: “Why don’t you spend more time with me, instead of working all the time?”  Try: “I admire you because you are such a hard worker, so let me pamper you tonight as a reward”

Instead of Saying: Why don’t you kiss me anymore? Try: “Your hugs and kisses make me feel so good.”

Instead of Saying: I already asked you take the trash out, can you do it now? After he has taken the trash out try: “Thanks for taking the trash out.  It gives me time to get other things done.”

Experts say that these subtle changes can help you get exactly what you desire from your partner.

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