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Hello Everyone!

Let me say how happy I am to be here on BlackPlanet.  I am really enjoying blogging for HelloBeautiful.com and checking my BP page to read your messages and comments.  This is the second installment of my blog focusing on positive influences.  Haters beware!

I truly believe if I keep hanging out with people who are optimistic and joyful about life I will live a longer and healthier life!

I love to center myself around people who are positive about seeing not only themselves succeed but others as well.  I always wondered why certain human beings hate or dislike others.  We are all truly one human race that bleed the same color.  Honestly, it takes too much of my time to focus on someone else in a negative demeanor. Some people say you need haters because that means you are successful or have something someone else wants.  I don’t necessarily want any haters, I want encouragers!

Here’s the reason why I don’t appreciate anyone hating on someone else; over the years I have learned to appreciate others accomplishments and success to allow great things to happen to me.  When you are truly and genuinely happy for someone else I guarantee you more positive things will start to flow in your life.  I love leading a joyous lifestyle and I am leery of anyone who is around me that says I smile a lot!  We all should start to be uplifting and motivate each other to be successful with family members, strangers or friends.  If I am talking with someone and they mention the words can’t, don’t, won’t shouldn’t, never, etc. in their vocabulary a lot it is up to us to change that mind frame around and say should, could, will, yes, etc.  If you find yourself being jealous, envious of someone or speaking negative of others… STOP!

Anyone who takes the time to have a negative spirit does nothing for you, but takes up your time with pity.  We all, including myself, will vow to always focus on accomplishing something that’s positive in our life and really try to speak optimistically.  I love hanging around go-getters, edifiers, accomplishers and motivators.  I feel good when I hear good news and you should as well!  We can be happy for ourselves and others no matter what our predicament is for now. XOXO!


Erica Hubbard

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