Do you want to give your bedroom a makeover but just don’t have the money? Here are some easy and cheap tips to give your room a whole new look and feel without spending a lot of money.

1) Check out online auction sites, thrift stores and the local dollar store for blankets, decorative pillows, accessories etc. You can find some great deals and unique items to help change the look of your room.

2)  Wall Art. Scour thrift shops and yard sales for mirrors large and small. Paint them all white or black. Group together on the wall to add pizzazz to the wall.

How to organize your bedroom

3) Look in your other rooms to see if you have any items or furniture you can move to your bedroom. Look in storage and see if any of those things you packed away can be brought out again and servce a new function in the bedroom.

4) Painting is an easy way to change the look of a room. It quickly changes the room and you can do it for under $25.

5)  Headboard. Group those same mirrors together above the bed to give the impression of a headboard. Or cut two pieces of heavy cardboard or foam core the height and width of a poster. Then frame each board with a poster sized black frame. Mount the two frames over the bed for an elegant headboard.

How to make a headboard

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