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Beyonce’s dad Mathew Knowles sure knows how to treat his women:

YBF has just learned that Alexsandra Wright, the woman who filed a paternity suit against Mathew Knowles, actually worked at Interscope Records a few months ago. She was the Marketing Director at the record company and went by the name of “Alex”.

Here’s what they’re saying:

A very credible employee at Interscope (who works with many of the YBF artists featured on this site) tells us that no one in the office knew of her and was shocked she came in at such a high position. Alex had little to no experience in marketing and all her previous jobs were short-lived and pure fluff. She even had an entire year of work missing from her resume. So how did she land this gig? We’re told it was Mathew Knowles who persuaded Interscope execs to hire her! Well after Geffen (Solange’s label home at the time) and Interscope merged. Coincidence?

Even better, we’re told the staffers at Interscope were at their wits end with Alex because she was always overly dramatic and never knew what she was doing. Our source tells us:

“She just wasn’t ever competent for the job. Bottom line.”

Alex was fired from Interscope in March after only working there a very short while. How convenient that Alex filed this paternity suit against Mathew 2 weeks ago-and is claiming she’s 6 months pregnant. Sounds like Papa Knowles’ “keep her quiet with an Exec job” strategy didn’t work after all…

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