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T.I. & Tiny.  DMX & Tashera. Lil’ Wayne & Nivea (& Lauren London & Toya & Every Girl In The World).

Why are so many Black women willing to be the “ride or die” chick for men in trouble with the law or in prison? Why do we stay by their sides, “holding them down” on the outside?  Why are we so willing to lower our standards just for the love of a Black man?

Granted, millions of our men are behind bars or in the system, but perhaps less of our men would be in this situation if women refused to tolerate their behavior.  Accepting a life of crime as a regular part of life sends a message that this lifestyle is OK.

Tons of our favorite male celebrities have been visitors to “Cell Block F” at one time or another. And each of these men had a “down a** chick” holding them down on the outside. Some of our favorite videos pay tribute to this very phenomenon:

Shyne- Bonnie & Shyne

But in this day and age, with the first Black couple ruling the free world, why aren’t we raising the bar?  Shouldn’t seeing such a powerful couple urge women to expect more?

With all of the opportunities we have, has being in love with an inmate become cliché and outdated? Shouldn’t women be aspiring to a higher caliber of man? And where are all the “ride or die” men when we need them?

What do you think? Is waiting for a man on the inside the ultimate in loyalty, or stupidity? Is it a badge of honor or does it dishonor us? Or has the situation of Black women become so desperate that something is better than nothing?

Check out pics of celeb couples who dare to love beyond the prison bars:

T.I. Worries About Tiny’s Safety

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