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Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Films and Lionsgate have partnered to develop “Will You Be My Black Friend,” a film – to star Chris Rock – based on a Nov. 2008 GQ magazine article of the same name. 

The article chronicled GQ senior correspondent Devin Friedman’s unorthodox and admittedly self-conscious quest to make “black friends.” He launches his search by posting an ad on Craigslist. “Man”-dates, bromances, and hilarity ensue. Read the article in full here.

In the film version, a white, married journalist living in Manhattan comes to the unnerving realization one night at a cocktail party that virtually his entire social circle is white.  In fact, his entire existence has become steeped in a certain style of “whiteness”, the rarefied industry of publishing, a weekend house in the Catskills, yoga, ambient music, and seasonal gourmet cooking.

Who do you think should play the lead role of Devin?

While you’re thinking….here are some of our favorite token white friends:

“What really makes the piece special is Devin’s voice, which is honest, astute and extremely funny. We can’t imagine a better actor to help bring this story to life than Chris Rock, who is simply one of the smartest, boldest comic talents working today,” said Lionsgate Co-Chief Operating Officer and Motion Picture Group President, Mike Paseornek.

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