A judge has dismissed a $5 million plagiarism lawsuit against comedian Chris Rock filed by a woman who claimed he used her idea for his documentary film “Good Hair.”

Regina Kimbell claimed she showed Rock her documentary “My Nappy Roots” in 2007. Her film, like Rock’s, features celebrities discussing different African-American hair issues.

Rock hit back at the allegations, insisting the only similarity between the projects was the topic.


“Chris Rock Sued For $5 Mil Over “Good Hair” Copyright Infringement”

The fun is over before it began.

Chris Rock is being sued over his new movie, “Good Hair,” by a filmmaker who claims a film she made — and allegedly screened for the actor himself, upon request! — is similar enough to Rock’s movie to be considered copyright infringement to the tune of at least $5 million.

According to the lawsuit filed by Regina Kimbell in United States District Court, Central District of California, Kimbell claims Rock’s new movie is very similar to her own, “My Nappy Roots: A Journey Through Black Hair-itage.”

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She claims there are over a dozen similarities between her film and Rock’s, including their titles, their being “socially and politically conscious,” both films being inspired by the filmmakers’ respective daughters, each film including interviews with medical professionals and hair care pioneers, both films delving into India’s involvement with weaves, as well as taking a tour of a manufacturing plant where hair relaxers are made, and lastly, both the films use of “comic relief” and first-hand account stories from celebrities.

In the court filing, Kimbell claims Doug Miller, now an Executive Producer of “Good Hair,” requested a screening of “My Nappy Roots” for Rock over two years ago. She alleges in her legal filing that she asked Miller to sign a non-disclosure agreement with respect to the film and she claims he said he would.



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