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LisaRaye was a victim of airport theft this weekend at JFK airport. Her Louis Vuitton bag was lifted while she wasn’t looking. The actress accused airline employees of pilfering her bag after the airline told her the bag was never scanned.

The former First Lady of Turks & Caicos took to her Twitter page to beg her “Twitt Fam” for help in retrieving her belongings.

…I need my WHOLE Twitt Family to HELP me put it out there I will pay WHOEVER comes up with my bag..Delta employee, police, family, WHOEVER. i hope like hell they find my bag. I hv family keepsakes n there i travel with. So help me bring awareness to it. Thanks

…Listen..I don’t care about the bag..what’s inside! Return THAT stuff please!

LisRaye even offered a reward for the return of her bag:

Yes, i will pay WHOEVER comes up with the bag..Delta employee,TSU employee, fan, police, family, WHOEVER. They can leave it & i’ll get it!

Is LisaRaye dating Al Sharpton?

Take a look at LisaRaye below:

LisaRaye ain’t a gold digger but…

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