The debate on oral sex always seems to be a fickle and curious one. Both men and women are on the fence on whether it’s cool or just plain gross.

I’ll never forget sitting in my house late one night watching, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” (super funny movie by the way!), when one of the characters brings the topic up.

He’s a newlywed on vacation in Hawaii with his bride, and couldn’t get his swirl quite right. When his young bride attempts to show him how much of a “thinker” she is, he fights her off because, “If God was a city planner, he wouldn’t put a playground next to a sewage plant.” By far one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a while!!!

Last time I checked, it’s 2009, not the 1900s, and sexual expression is not only liberating but apart of our culture.

Yet oral sex is still really hush-hush and taboo. People talk about everything under the sun, yet going down is such a no-no, that if you bring it up to your friends, you’re deemed nasty, disgusting, and the group hoe.

Ladies let’s be real! You know you have that friend that has no problem talking about giving or receiving head, and in your mind you automatically thinks she’s a skank.

Many black women still have a hard time going down or even discussing it among one another.

Some think it’s against their religion (he without sin, cast the first stone?)

Some can’t get their heads  wrapped around (literally) having their mouths on something that spews pee and ejaculation. (but don’t vaginas do the same thing and more?)

Some fear embarrassment since it’s “unknown territory”.

And some women, well, some don’t talk about it because they’re secretly giving Superhead a run for her money!

Black men, you’re not any better either!

If you treat your lady to a “taste test” and happen to talk to your friends about it, you’re attacked with endless amounts emasculating names, and tons of man bashing (by other men!).

A few men don’t want to get too up, close, and personal with their partner’s “bush”. “It’s gross! It’s hairy! ILLL!” It’s not exactly a picnic in the park for her either!

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Tons of men are selfish. They don’t want to give, but damn sure expect to receive!!!

How do you feel about oral sex? Are we becoming sexually enlightened or morally primitive?

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