Are you tired of the typical copy and paste music that’s been murdering the radio lately? Annoyed with all these singers sounding (and looking) the same? Need something exciting and new in your life?

If you haven’t heard about this fresh, new up-and-coming singer Priscilla Renea, then honey, where have you been??

The 20-year-old singer/songwriter has been generating tons of buzz over the Internet after her song, “I Fell In Love” and her unique take on “The Dictionary” got over a million views on YouTube, and landed her a recording contract with Capitol Records.

I recently sat down with the hot new YouTube sensation, to discuss everything from musical inspirations  to fashion sense to her celebrity crushes!!!

AM: You had over a million views on YouTube before you got signed. How did that make you feel?

Priscilla Renea: Well, it was kind of overwhelming. I didn’t expect people to actually respond that way to what I was doing. I was just doing it for fun. Just posting videos, had nothing else better to do. It was just kind of like a hobby for me, and to have people actually like it was very gratifying. Like I’m not wasting my time.

AM: I saw your YouTube video singing the dictionary. That was hilarious! Why made you decide to do that?

Priscilla Renea: It’s actually a crazy story. My older brother was terminally ill, and was always in and out of the hospital. So that night, he had a seizure and my parents had to take him to the hospital and I was just up. Just me and my little brother were up and I had to watch him. It was like two in the morning, and the dictionary was just sitting there. I was like, ‘I should make a video. I don’t know what to sing, so I’m going to sing the dictionary.’ So that’s how it happened.

AM: That’s so funny. It’s amazing what you come up with when you’re bored. You find some really crazy and creative things to do.

Priscilla Renea:Well at least I wasn’t blowing things up.

AM: The first song off your album , “Dollhouse” which has a completely different feel from the YouTube favorite, “Hello My Apple” which is really romantic. What made you decide it would be your debut single?

Priscilla Renea: When I got signed, the label wanted to introduce me to the public and give my fans something to listen to because out of all my songs and videos, I had nothing professionally done. Everything was done with a Walmart microphone on my computer or with a webcam audio. I write my own music, so I write everything. Anything and everything. It wasn’t my decision for it to be my first single, but I definitely understand why because you can’t just dump” your “different-ness” and creativity on people, they won’t accept it. As much as they want change, just like with Obama for instance. Everybody was ready for change, and they’re so ready, but now they’ve got it, and they’re unhappy and ungrateful. Not saying or comparing myself to Obama at all, but you can’t just dumb yourself on people like that. So being that I wrote it, it’s not too far from me because it came from me.

AM: I know the album, “Jukebox” drops October 20th, what can your fans expect?

Priscilla Renea: I mean, the album is called “Jukebox” because there’s something for everyone on it. There’s something for the techno dance lover in “Dollhouse”, there’s something for the Christina Aguilera ballad lovers in a song called, “Fixin My Hair”, there’s something for the Lauren Hill fans, Lily Allen fans in “Rockabye [Baby]” and “[Mr.] Workabee”. I’m definitely crossing all plains, and it’s not all over the place. Every song tells a story, and they’re all stories about me and my life and my imagination. I think people will get that when they hear it.They can expect to find out about me. They can expect to feel my corkiness. You can definitely feel it in the records. You can see me smiling, you can hear me laughing. People will feel like they know me once they listen to the record.

AM: Are there any artist that you looked to inspire this album?

Priscilla Renea: I definitely pulled from everybody, but I love Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Lauren Hill, Michael Jackson, Lily Allen. Anybody that has the courage to get up onstage and sing in front of people, I’m inspired by. And Brandy. Those would probably be my biggest influences.

AM: So in so many words, how do you define your style of music?

Priscilla Renea: Comfortable. I talk about things that I know about, and I talk about things that make sense and tell stories. And inspiring. I want people to be inspired. I’ve had a couple girls come up to me and say ‘thank you so much for writing this song, it’s helped me here and there.’ I feel like my songs are inspiring and comfortable.

AM: Are you dating anyone right now?

Priscilla Renea: Not really. You don’t really have time to. It’s definitely nice to have someone to talk to, it’s hard. A lot of guys don’t really understand the lifestyle, and as females we tend to make ourselves feel guilty when we don’t give our significant other time or they complain and we feel like it’s all our fault. I don’t need that.

AM: Are there any prospects?

Priscilla Renea: I mean hey, I’m not looking, ‘cause if you’re looking you won’t find it, it’s always how it is, like when you need your keys, you can never find them. So, if it happens it happens.

AM: If there was a prospect, what would your type of guy be?

Priscilla Renea: He has to be funny. He has to make me laugh. He has to not think that I’m weird because I’m a little goofy, I’m A LOT goofy actually. He has to be able to tolerate that, and can’t be embarrassed of my crazy style.

AM: What’s the craziest relationship experience you’ve ever had?

Priscilla Renea:I had a boyfriend who tried to burn me with an iron.

AM: WHAT?! How did that happen?

Priscilla Renea: It’s a long story. I was very dumb, and I don’t think any girl should ever put themselves in a situation that I put myself in. It could’ve been prevented. I didn’t listen. I was 18, and knew everything.

AM: Top 5 celebrity crushes?

Priscilla Renea: Tyrese, Chris Brown, even though he’s a woman beater (laughs), Justin Timberlake, and Shia LaBeouf.

AM: Are there any styles [for men] that you’re not feeling?

Priscilla Renea:I’m not feeling boys with skinny jeans. It’s not hot. I can’t stand it.

AM: What would you prefer your man or significant other wear? What style?

Priscilla Renea:Nice fitted pants, they don’t have to be sagging off you but they don’t have to be squeezing everything. And a button-up, and maybe some nice shoes. They don’t have to be dress shoes. Casual shoes, whatever. A button-up and some nice jeans are great with me.

AM: You have really unique fashion sense. How do you describe your style and what advice do you give to people who are beginning to look to you?

Priscilla Renea:Also comfortable. You should wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself. I don’t put on outfits to look good. I put them on to be comfortable. If I’m not comfortable, I don’t feel like I look good no matter what I have on. Just be comfortable. Put on what you want to put and not because someone told you to.

AM: Any designers you’re in love with?

Priscilla Renea: Anyone who makes tutus.

AM: Tutus?

Priscilla Renea:Tutus, vests, and combat boots.

AM: When can we expect you to see you on tour?

Priscilla Renea: Probably soon after my album comes out, maybe next year after the Grammy’s.

Watch Priscilla sing the dictionary:

To learn more about Priscilla Renea, take a peek here!

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