No matter how much you’re in love, if you’re like many women who try to juggle too much, your sex life can go by the wayside before you even realize it. Here are some tips to keep your sex life active and fun:

1) Make physical intimacy a priority. Have sex first, not last. Make sure that sex isn’t last on the night’s to-do list. Instead of laundry, clean up the house, watch TV and have sex, it’s laundry, sex, TV, and more sex.

2) Make the most out of your time together. Sometimes, it is difficult to get into the mood immediately after grandma comes over to pick up the kids. If you know that you’ll have a little free time later, drop hints and seductively set the mood a little early. For example, send your partner a naughty text mail or email before grandma comes. This works well even with both partners are at home. Other ideas include: hold their hand while you are driving home or slowly help your partner undress.

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3) Have a date night! If you live with extended family, find a way to create some real boundaries to solidify your time alone with your partner. Try hiring a babysitter one night every two weeks, and go out to a nice dinner or visit some of the spots you enjoyed when you first began dating. Try to make your ‘date night’ a day in the middle of the week so you’ll beat the Friday night crowd and have more private time together.

4) Pay attention to your natural habits. If you’re a night owl and your spouse isn’t, join your spouse in bed for sex, then get up again to do things like read or chat with friends on the phone.

5) Time management.  Squeeze in unexpected bouts of sex when you and your partner both have a free block of time. Hotels are a great way to spend a free hour in the afternoon.

5 ways to sex it up

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