I totally love Amerie! I think she’s really talented and hasn’t gotten the kind of fame she deserves. Plus she’s gorgeous and a sweetheart!

That being said, I am not sure the artwork for her upcoming album, “In Love & War”, is the right direction. I mean, the pictures are okay, but aren’t as spunky as they could (or should) be.

The album is Amerie’s debut at Def Jam and is slated to drop on November 3rd.

VIDEO: Behind The Scenes of Amerie’s, “Heard ‘Em All”

It’s like something missing. Maybe some attitude or anger. Someone should’ve done this shoot while she was PMS-ing. Maybe then e could get something more than just “pretty”.

Take a look and let us know what you think!

VIDEO: Amerie’s “Heard ‘Em All”

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