UPDATE: Lisa Raye stopped by the Morning After w/ Angela Yee and spoke about her long relationship with the Reverend Al Sharpton, her divorce, and her role as the first lady of Turks and Caicos.

Take a look:

UPDATE: LisaRaye’s publicist Lynn Jeter is a little ticked off.  Jeter spoke out about the reports that’s burning up across the black blogosphere that her client is now dating Rev. Al Sharpton, after the two were reportedly coupled up at various events over the past several days.

Here’s what she told

It’s true that the two have hooked up, says Jeter, but not in a romantic sense.

“They’re doing an education tour for the White House, for President Obama and today was the kickoff,” she told EUR’s Lee Bailey exclusively. “Arne Duncan, the Secretary of Education; former [House] speaker Newt Gingrich, Al Sharpton and LisaRaye were just celebrity guests to come and speak at one of the things she’s going to be doing – which is to help identify other celebrities that care about educations.”

And just to be clear, Jeter says: “They ain’t no item! That don’t even make no sense. He’s old enough to be her f***in’ father!”

The gossip site Media Take Out on Tuesday reported that the two were spotted holding hands and looking cozy at Roland Martin’s Congressional Black Caucus party in Washington D.C. They were also photographed walking through an airport and at Sharpton’s Monday appearance on “WWE Raw.”

Media Take Out said the Sharpton is serving as LisaRaye’s “spiritual advisor,” but Jeter says their relationship actually stretches back 10 years, when the actress first interviewed him as a co-host of the syndicated entertainment magazine “Source: All Access.” Jeter also said that Sharpton counseled her during the drama surrounding her ugly divorce from former Turks & Caicos Premier Michael Misick.

“They’re friends! They’re not an item! They’re not a couple,” an irate Jeter continued. “Every (expletive) you see her with ain’t an item!”

I wonder how Al feels about Lynn’s quote!!!! OUCH

I don’t even know where to begin with this one..excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor!!!!

LisaRaye must really have a thing for politicians, according to the, LisaRaye and Al Sharpton are indeed a couple.

Here’s what they know:

A few weeks ago our source (a MAJOR publicist in the industry who shall remain nameless) told us that Al and LisaRaye-both barely divorced-are indeed together now. When we asked the obligatory “WTF?! Why?” The answer is because Lisa knows she’s not getting onto any of these “society and political” events without a man who could bring her along. She’s also starved for attention from the media-surprise surprise-so Al is her “In” into that world. And Al-well he’s just happy to say he can have a chick that looks like LisaRaye on his arm and whose perm looks better than his. The two have been confusingly spotted at a few events together like Michael Jackson’s memorial services…

The couple were seen at the Congressional Black Caucus events this weekend in DC-Mr. Sharpton was indeed coupled up with LisaRaye as he brought her as his date to every event.

Watch the two walking through the airport:

Here’s another pic of the couple courtesy of

LisaRaye and Lil Kim party in Miami

Check out our LisaRaye gallery below:

LisaRaye ain’t a gold digger but…

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