Jimmy Choo, the designer known for extravagant clothing and artwork-worthy shoes recently teamed up with H&M to develop a collection for the economically conscious fashionista.

Many excited fashion-forward ladies on a budget have been waiting anxiously to make a mad dash to H&M to get their fashion fix without breaking the bank.

Well ladies, I hate to tell you, but based on what I’ve seen so far, Jimmy Choo has failed, failed, failed!!!!

Many of the pieces look really cheap and tacky. Like hoodrat, chickenhead tacky! Embarrassing and definitely not Jimmy Choo worthy.

Some pieces are just boring,  ugly, and seriously lack inspiration. This collection is a far cry from they usual beauty of Jimmy Choo. Everything is so basic.

There are maybe one or two OK looks, but overall a total letdown!!!

Grade for the collection: F-

Just because we don’t want to pay high fashion prices, doesn’t mean we don’t want high fashion quality! If you’re going to make an affordable collection, then the same amount of thought that goes into your haute couture collections should go into this one! A customer is a customer regardless of their wallets!!!

Shame on you Jimmy Choo! Go back to the drawing board! I hope the rest of the collection doesn’t look like this!

Here are a few pieces that we’ve seen so far:

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