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From jeans to dresses (and everything in between), you can build a stylish wardrobe without spending a lot of money. Find out where to shop and how to save on your favorite everyday looks with these budget style tips from Glamour magazine:

Take inventory

Before you run out to the shopping mall, you need to take inventory of what clothes you have. Start by going through your closet piece by piece. Make four piles – keep, toss, give away and fix.

If you have any clothing that’s beyond repair, toss it. Clothes that you will never wear again but are in decent shape, you can give away. If you are feeling ambitious, you can try to sell them on ebay or to a thrift shop. Take garments that need alterations or repairs to the tailor (or fix them yourself) as soon as possible. Don’t put it off or you’ll never do it.

In your “keep” pile, separate your clothes by category (shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, etc.) and then split them into color schemes (neutrals, brights and prints).

Start with the classics

After you take inventory, you should have a good idea what you need. To build a fantastic wardrobe, you need to have several classic pieces that are versatile.

Classics that never go out of style include:

* Little black dress

* Knee-length wool skirt

* Flat front pants (light and dark)

* Tunic-length sweater

* Perfect blazer

* White button-down shirt

* Shirtdress or wrap dress

* Black pumps

How to: Organize your fall wardrobe


A great way to completely change the look of an outfit is with accessories. A different scarf, belt, bag or jewelry can change your look from formal and sophisticated to funky and fun.

Fashion jewelry is inexpensive. Pick out a few pairs of dangling earrings, a statement necklace and a stack of bangles or a cuff bracelet.

Select three handbags. An everyday bag that is roomy and stylish in a neutral color, a smaller evening bag that is a little glitzy, and a tote bag or oversized satchel in a fun color or patent leather.

Start with five fantastic pairs of shoes. You don’t need dozens of pairs of shoes to look good. Five pairs that you really love will get you started – a black pump, a dressy slingback, a classic boot, a low-heeled sandal, and a casual skimmer.

Fall must-have shoe game

Shopping tips

Select solid tops that can be worn with everything from jeans to a business suit. When picking tops, keep in mind the colors of the bottoms that you already own. Try to make sure that each piece can be worn in at least three outfits.

Steer clear of anything that is too trendy. Low-rise jeans looked great to everybody a few years back, but now high waisted skirts and slacks are in. If you will only wear something for a month or two, it has no business being in your wardrobe.

Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale. A $100 business suit certainly is a good deal. But if you only wear suits a few times a year, it’s not worth it. Sheepskin snowboots at a 50 percent discount are a great buy, but not if you live in Phoenix.

Develop your own personal style. Instead of always following the latest trends, find your own individual style. For example, if belted tunics or wrap dresses are your thing, then there’s no reason not to have a few of them in your closet.

The most important thing about building a wardrobe on a budget is to make sure you like what you wearing. No matter how good a sale is, you have to wear the garment for it to be worth the cost. Even if it takes a little extra time or planning, find clothing that you really love.

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