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I’m totally in love with vintage styles and turning something old into new. Leggings are great, booties are a necessity, and big hair is overall fabulous!!! But there are some styles that were so fugly and off the wall (not a good way) that I wish they never existed!!! Here are a few looks that need to be kicked back to the future!

-High Top Fades- Okay, people, this is not cute! Who said it was okay to bring back the eraser head? Seriously! You call yourself “fly” rocking hair that is taller than you? Time to  D.O.A. this one!!!

-Coke Bottle Glasses- NONONONO!!!! Oversize glasses were geek status back then (á la Spike Lee and De La Soul), and they’re super lame status now! Smash them up and move on people!!!

– Reebok Sneakers- Back in the day around my way, Reeboks were called “Chickenhead” sneakers because the only people that wore them were chickenheads! I’m guessing new-age birds are tired of Chinese Slippers, and are going back to their roots. Kill it before you start growing feathers too!

-Rope Chains- Rope Chains were a sign of status in the 80s and 90s in the hip-hop community. That’s all fine and dandy. That doesn’t mean they’re not tacky. Oh quite the contrary! They are so tasteless and unstylish and are really  embarrassing! Death to the rope chains. Period.

-Fanny Packs- I don’t care who makes them, Fanny Packs are a bad look on anybody!

-Mullets- There should be no debate on how whack mullets are. Next thing you’ll know people think owning a double wide is the -ish! Please leave the mullet to the trailer park professionals.

– Designs in your haircut- There’s no good reason to have your kid brother go etch-a-sketch crazy on your head. And how about you find another way to express your opinion. Your head is not a billboard, so cut it out!

-Shoulder Pads- Seriously, are you going to war? If so, those shoulder pads could definitely take down an enemy or two. Or at least poke an eye out. Time to donate those to the government. Let them handle those kind of weapons of mass destruction.

– Acid-Wash Jeans- Tell me these don’t look like an accident? Like the manufacturer ran out dye and figured nobody would notice. These aren’t even good enough to wear to the laundry. Let it burn, y’all!

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