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Remember Judy Winslow from Family Matters? Jaimee Foxworth made her debut on the hugely popular TV show, Family Matters. In 1989 at the age of 10, Jaimee won the role of the youngest daughter Judy and went on to do 4 seasons of the show before being written out of the storyline and into anonymity.

The producers picked an odd way to write her out of the show – in one episode her character went upstairs – never to return, or to be mentioned again. Well if you’re wondering what she’s been up to, we found out and it’s not a pretty picture…

Now in her early 20’s, she’s been through the ropes, having battled alcoholism, depression and destitution prompted in part by a judges’ ruling that her trust fund of over $500,000 be used to save her family from bankruptcy.

What did she do to combat all the bad luck? Well, she became a porn star taking on the name Crave and leaving behind the family that she felt took her dream livelihood. Having performed in over a dozen movies, she’s retired from the porn business and wants to concentrate on acting again.

Jamie talks to TV One about doing porn:

Take a look at Jamie below:

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