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Swizz Beatz soon to be ex-wife Mashonda is one classy woman… She showed up at his surprise birthday party at Kush Lounge which was being thrown by his current girlfriend Alicia Keys.

Here’s what went down according to

Swizz invited Mashonda late that night because it was a surprise party. When she walked in, all the family and friends of the former couple greeted hee with their mouths wide open and in shock. They showed her much love. They just seemed so thrilled that all the drama was over.

And about the Mashonda and Alicia interaction:

Alicia and her family were in total shock as well. Mashonda danced for a while and had a drink with Estelle and Sean Paul. The beauty of the night was that Mashonda walked over to Swizz and gave him a b-day hug, then shook Alicia’s hand. It was so fly to see Mashonda be such a class act. Jay-Z offered her and Alexis a ride in his security’s truck to their next destination since they were leaving out at the same time.

Mashonda and Swizz have a great and very unique relationship now. He knows what kind of woman he had and I can tell he’s not trying to lose her completely.

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