This has got to be my favorite part of Whitney’s sit down with Oprah.  When asked by Oprah how she managed to break free from Bobby, the singer said told Bobby she was going out for sugar and milk and never came back.  She then went to Los Angeles and put their house on the market and sold all the furniture and cars!!!

In the second half of her big comeback interview, which aired this afternoon, Houston says she had prayed for the strength to leave the controlling Brown, with whom she has a daughter, Bobbi Kristina, and didn’t know she was leaving until she was on her way to California.

Whitney also told Winfrey even though she’s now drug-free, she still has the desire for it.

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UPDATE: In Part 2 of her sit down with Oprah, Whitney Houston shares more details of her past drug addiction – and says that Michael Jackson’s drug-related death was “devastating.”

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The singer continues her in-depth interview with Oprah today and will talk about how she is overcoming her need for drugs. She explains that she “prays” the temptation away, no matter how long it takes.

She also talks about her tumultuous marriage and how she was able to finally walk away from it.

Whitney refers to herself as a “soldier girl”, but it took her own little girl, Bobbi Kristina Brown, to convince her it was time to leave Bobby Brown.

Whitney reveals what Bobbi Kristina said to her. “She said, ‘You don’t deserve that and neither do I.'”

Bobby on Whitney: “I think we corrupted each other”

As you all know, Whitney is on Oprah today and she is airing the dirt.  Whitney discussed her rocky marriage to Bobby Brown and said she was “very hurt, very angry” and “horrified” when “he spit on me, in my face.” While this is not as drastic as Chris Brown beating on Rihanna, Houston admits Bobby Brown slapped her on one occasion. “But he got hit on the head three times by me,” Houston added. The 46-year-old also mentioned that their marriage got so bad that Brown was cutting her head off pictures and painting evil eyes on their bedroom walls with spray paint. Whitney also tells of one intervention-esque exchange she shared with her mother at the height of her marital woes.

Houston told Winfrey, “[My mother] said, ‘I’m not losing you to the world. I’m not losing you to Satan. … I want my daughter back.'” Houston told Winfrey her mother also had words of warning for Brown. Said Houston: “[My mother] said, ‘If you move, Bobby, they’re gonna take you down. Don’t you make one move.’ And he stood there like — he was scared.”

SMH!!! So glad Whitney took her mother’s advice and got help.

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The singer also said that Bobby was her addiction and that they had a lot of sex.

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Whitney talks to Oprah

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