Our homes are supposed to be our sanctuaries. With that said, its very important to create a comfortable ambiance therein. With the current economic climate, it can be hard to indulge in the goods that you desire for your living space. Here, however, are some solutions to the recession dilemma. You can still splurge on your home occasionally at some of the top retailers in the country. But instead of blowing $800 on the Tiffany candelabra that would look perfect on your table, try the $80 alternative that retains the stylistic and craftsmanship qualities of the Tiffany brand, but at a much lower price. Its a recession, but you can still maintain a stylish, tasteful home without breaking the bank.

1) Tiffany Classic candlestick in crystal – $50

This candle holder maintains all of the artistic glory of its pricier counterparts, but is still recession friendly.

2.) Tiffany rectangular frame in pewter – $45

Frames are always a home goods necessity, but why not frame your memories in style? This Tiffany frame is embossed with the brand’s classic logo and carries the same smooth timeless look as as the jewelry.

3.) Ralph Lauren Mandarin bud vase set – $67

Ralph Lauren is perhaps the ultimate in American luxury and sophistication. Accordingly, this vase set will inject a taste of that aesthetic into your home decor.

4.) Henri Bendel tea set – $35

Ladies, invite some of your girls over and have a night of gossip, chit chat and stylish tea. This cute little tea set is just what you need for a girly night in.

5.) Bergdorf Goodman Nest mahogany candle – $32

I know, $32 for a candle seems like a whole not to some of you. But if you are really interested in high end home goods, this is quite a deal. Bergdorf’s is New York City’s premier luxury retailer; in other words they carry only the best. That plus the intoxicating aroma of this slow burning candle is enough to command the price, even in a recession.

6.) Swarovski Degia, Rosaline Moonlight – $50

This crystal flower is the perfect thing for a dull desk. Use it as a paperweight or just a simple decoration for a dull space in need of your personal feminine touch. The Swarovski brand is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship, so you can be sure that this dainty crystal piece will make a strong statement in any space.

7.) Opal Innocence Vase by Lenox – $35

This vase is both beautiful and affordable. It speaks for itself and can occupy any table either unaccompanied or beside the matching Lenox candle holders and provide the same classic effect.

8.) Shesham Wall Mount-Stacking Wine Rack – $35

If you want the rustic, neat authentic look of a wine cellar but don’t have the space for one, copy the look with these stackable wine racks. Stack your collection on the kitchen counter, of stacka a few together and turn it into a focal point in your living room/lounge space.

9.) Crate & Barrel Evelyn Vases – $18.95 – $29.95

These twin vases are hand blown and as a result each one is one of a kind. This is a beautiful set that can either hold a floral arrangement or be displayed empty.

10.) William’s Sonoma Culinary Round Wreath – $50

Welcome the change of seasons with a decorative wreath like this one from William’s Sonoma. Instead of a standard flower arrangement, switch it up and honor the fall with a wreath of dried flowers.

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