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Weaves, wigs and extensions are all double edged swords.  On one hand, they can help you to look unbelievable fly. On the other, they can make you look like you are wearing a bird’s nest on your head.  Please, ladies, avoid much ridicule and humiliation  by taking a few necessary precautions before you venture into the realm of supplementary hair. Here are a few things for you to consider, before you let some hairdresser convince you that you look like the next Beyoncé.

1) Are your tracks showing? Ladies, this is a cardinal offense against the weave gods. Do not let your tracks show! Either cover them up or put on a hat, because exposed tracks just eliminate the purpose of the entire weave.

2) Don’t opt for the cheap stuff! There is a wide array of hair available to you at every price point. However, DON”T use that as an excuse to buy the cheapest half-plastic-half-horse concoction out there. Spend the extra money to get (at least) something that sprouted from another human; and then if you can, go for the better quality human hair.

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3) Keep it natural looking. I don’t care what type of Polish-Chinese-Indian-Cherokee you claim to be mixed with. Nobody can grow 5 pounds of 24 inch hair. No one. Don’t try to jam 5 packs of hair on to your head. It will make you look like a furry lollipop.

4) If you are going to do a lacefront, or any wig for that matter, don’t let it eat your forehead. Try to get one with a realistic hairline that is not 2 centimeters above your eyebrows. And avoid gluing a wig to your forehead. That just doesn’t even sound right.

5) Keep your edges tight. It makes no sense to have a super kinky mini afro around your hairline, and then 16 inches of perfectly straight glorious locks flowing out of the middle of your head. And while you’re at it, make sure your edges are the same color as your extensions. Black roots have no business with a blond weave.

6) You can’t treat a weave like its your real hair because, well, its a weave. Don’t get your weave and then think its your hair so you don’t have to be as meticulous as you would have been without the extensions. Wrap your hair at night. Comb it. Tie it. Love it. Don’t be fooled! Your hair may look like your own, but its still a product that needs to be taken care of and maintained.

7) Fake it ’til you make it.  A huge part of the weave-allure is the fact that when done correctly, it will blend in with your own hair. So work it like its growing right out of your own scalp. Fling it, make it bounce a little when you walk, style it up and be fab with it. Rock your weave so hard that no one will ever suspect that came from the store!

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